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Octara , a Tranzum Enterprise, provides trainings, events management, publications, marketing and public relations services to the corporate, government and NGO sectors in Pakistan , UAE & Canada. Octara has to its credit the first International Telecommunications Investment Conference, Chartered Financial Analysts Association of Pakistan's 2nd Excellence Award Ceremony, ITU World Telecom Day Conference, and numerous workshops and seminars with world class speakers and trainers like Dr. Edward de Bono, Omar S. Khan, Etsko Schuitema, Bob Urichuck, Ron Kaufman, Sandra Reeves, Naseem Javed , Dr. Francois Hugo, Peter Bixby, Rose-marie Fernandez, Ramiz Allawala and numerous others in Dubai, Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Octara's flagship publication CONNECT is the most widely read corporate newsletter in Pakistan , and is also being published in an international
edition exclusively for UAE, Canada and the UK

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