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is a progressive master enterprise offering services in diversified industries including express, logistics, warehousing, distribution, mail order, travel & tours, visa drop box, management development, event management & publications. With its corporate office in the Middle East ( Dubai ), the Tranzum enterprise has established offices in various regions across the globe including South Asia, North America and Europe

Tranzum Group has emerged as a leading business enterprise - with a team of over 4000 employees and 300 offices worldwide. Today Tranzum continues to grow on its humble beginnings and enjoys great leverage on its worldwide infrastructure and operating strengths with the experience of over 2 decades in the industry.

Tranzum Group comprises,

Express & Logistics

Travel & Tours
Your Visa Facilitators

Gifts Greetings & mail order

Customized Air Freight Solutions

Trainings, Conferences, Events & Publications

Value delivered

The complete integration within one organization of such diversified yet related services offers an image that is unparalleled.

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