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Jamil Ahmed - Group Head Operations & BPR


Jamil has occupied this slot since November 2007, and his job responsibilities involve maintaining a high level of efficiency in TCS operations  that include Express, International, Sentiments, Logistics, MMS & Visatronix. This he ensures  through the optimum utilization and intelligent use of technology.  Overseeing information technology and taking care of the general administrative functions of these various entities is also part of his job responsibilities. Jamil has vast and diversified experience spanning over 20 years in Express Logistics, Leather Fashion accessories, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, and the Advertising Industry.  

His major achievements have been the streamlining of the TCS Air-Operations;

Re-visiting and Implementing revised Key PIs in Operations; Making happen the Dawn TV Election Project, where National Assembly election results were directly communicated to DAWN TV from 124 locations across Pakistan; Initiating QMS (ISO 9001:2000) in TCS Couriers & MMS Print Shop. 

As Head of BPR & Automation Jamil’s notable accomplishments included developing complete Hand Held Technology solution for operations and its deployment in TCS Overland, Dubai and Karachi Operations, as well as leading the project that involved the Election Commission of Pakistan Electoral Rolls Printing & Logistics.

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